Founder & Executive Producer, Owsley Brown Presents

Owsley Brown is an active fifth-generation shareholder of Brown-Forman and is
devoted to sustaining healthy communities by enhancing cultural, spiritual, and
civic life. He is a documentary filmmaker, a director of foundations and nonprofit
boards, a student of theology and the spiritual path, and the leader of
exploratory projects in community wellbeing.

Owsley’s films include Night Waltz, Music Makes a City, and Serenade for Haiti.
His current film, River City Drumbeat, is a timely look at the important power of
arts and culture through music in West Louisville.

In his native city and beloved hometown of Louisville, Owsley is known as host
and producer of the Festival of Faiths, a founding board member of the
Kentucky School of Art + Design, and Chair of the Compassionate Schools
Project, the most comprehensive study ever undertaken of an integrated health
and wellness curriculum in an elementary school setting.

Owsley also serves on the boards of the Brown-Forman Family Shareholders
Committee, University of Virginia’s Center for Contemplative Sciences, Center
for Interfaith Relations, Mind & Life Institute, Sustainable Food Alliance, Roxie
Theater, and the Tsoknyi Humanitarian Foundation. He is a graduate of the
University of Virginia.